Our Team

Varida Phonephaiphane

Starting in the banking industry as a branch manager of German Post Bank, working my way up using my passion in finance to focus on real estate industry. Mainly focusing on reconstructions of old buildings in Germany - finding clients, helping them with legal works throughout the deals. As of now, running my own company in the last 5 years - dealing with clients from in and out of Germany to find their perfect homes.

Tim Albermann

In my 15 years of experience in Hospitality Management in Marriot Hotel and Kempinski Hotel as the Global Vice President of Loss Prevention, I was allowed to serve and assist top management entities, owners, and family offices. Specializing in areas regarding collecting data, communicating, and negotiating with clients in a diverse, multicultural environment.

I have an in-depth knowledge about Germany’s real estate market, which helps assist clients in an outstanding way. I am known to offer clients a service full of professionalism, transparency, and honesty.

Aaron Ebermann

As most of my colleagues call me a typical German, I see my biggest strength in seeing even the smallest details in a big picture. Realizing what could be improved in these details, protecting all clients from future harm. My role in Index Deutsche is not just controlling and prevention, but also optimizing numbers to have the best possible profit.

Gerhard Kossling

In the last 25 years, I have been a well-known advisor for the biggest German speaking family offices in terms of real estate purchasing. With my network of specialists, I was able to help my precious clients to be most tax efficient in terms of their purchase, but still be in line with the laws of Germany.

With a mix of developing and modernization of properties, I was able to let my clients grow their wealth in the best and safest way. My reason to join Index Deutsche was because I strongly believe in the perspective about the growing of German real estate market.

Nasser Bayoun

More than two decades of accomplishment laden experience in business development across MENA driving achievement in structuring and management of businesses, brand development, expansion and operational goals. Astute experience in investment strategy formulation and implementation. Preparation of organizational and investment proposals. Sharp knowledge in organizational and project governance. Proficiency in selecting, developing, structuring, and managing of global private equity and real estate investments. Hands on experience in legal, technical, and regulatory aspects of transactions including selection and management of consultants. Access to a pleasant network of various institutions and individuals in the investment and real estate fields. Extensive knowledge and experience in real estate development from concept to delivery - including business and development planning, feasibility analysis and modeling, execution of marketing and sales strategies and contractor management. Has served in Managerial and Executive positions for several private firms namely: General Electric, Saudi Arabia; El Seif Development in Saudi Arabia and Lebanon; International Investment Bank, Bahrain; and Tanween Ventures, Bahrain, and Qatar.

Francesca Reyes

Living in the UAE for more than 12 years has taught me to become confident and resilient. I have learned how to communicate with different type of people and nationalities along the way. This is beneficial in my field of work as Head of Administration as I am mostly the first point of contact with clients; understanding their queries and needs to help them reach our team specialist who fit best with their inquiries. This makes the whole process a lot easier and comfortable for the client, as well as increases the efficiency of the team overall.